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On Sunday, May 1st - 2004 at 12:01 AM, something horrible happened to several local bands from the So-Cal Area... The server on which their websites, mailing lists, and databases were stored on were mysteriously lost. The Server Owner dissapeared and the bands were left with nothing. After a few days of searching and wondering, the bands learned that the hosting company was sold and their accounts were deleted without notice or any way to retrieve their information.

So now after countless hours of begging/borrowing/stealing of server space and rebuilding of websites, we have managed to come up with the BANDS AGAINST BROKEN COMPUTERS BENEFIT. Our main goal is to regain the bulk and most sensitive material of a bands internet existence... the Mailing List.

We know that at least everybody that uses a computer has at least one time in their life experienced the agony of a computer malfunction of any sort that results in loss of data... Now imagine your business loosing some of its most crucial pieces of information due to one of these malfunctions... You would be pretty pissed huh? Well now imagine how these bands felt when they found out everything they had was lost...

For more info on how to help click and or post this banner on your website

Bands Against Broken Computers

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